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St Anne

Colman Road, NR4 7HA



Welcome to the Parish of Earlham (Church of England) website. We have three churches in our parish, each of it's own style but all a distinctive community and seeking to serve the local parish. There is plenty to do and volunteers are always welcome. If ever you need to be in touch please use the form below or come and see us on a Sunday.


St Elizabeth

Cadge Road, NR5 8DG

Can we help?


We are here for all people in the Parish of Earlham, whether or not you think of yourself as a Church goer. We are always happy to receive enquiries about Baptisms, Weddings or Funerals. If you have any questions please do be in touch.

We have a new website. See

St Mary

Earlham Road, NR5 8BL

Sunday Services


There are a variety of services held throughout the parish


Please see our new website for more details

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